Tuesday, November 2, 2010

post 5

Malcolm X’s autobiography talks about the racism happening to the blacks and they still have the white supremacy.  In Malcolm life he had up’s and downs in his life by his parents. In one hand his father was proud of him and another hand his mother was reminder of him of being raped by a white man because she was half white from her father raping her mother.
Malcolm felt that when he was young he was proud to be light skin black person because  they thought they were gifted but Malcolm realized it later that he hated this because  they was against all black Americans. Malcolm decided to be against the white racist and encourage black Americans to fight back
If you look at the history of America’s racism, it all began with the whites putting the blacks underneath with all the Asian and immigrants that came to America.  This all began because giving the power to the white and leaving the blacks as minorities.