Monday, December 6, 2010

My Public art work

             This piece or art was made by Chico, a famous graffiti artist in lower east side. Most of the art graffiti in lower east side was made by him, even when I was a young kid i always saw him do these art as i grew older. i choose this piece or work than any other work because this shows how much lower east side brings the world to see New York City. 
             This mural has the whole New York City in it. It shows every borough in NYC. The Bronx represents the Yankee Stadium, the 7 train represents Queens, the Brooklyn bridge represents Brooklyn, the ferry represents Staten Island and the city skyline represents Manhattan. Also the globe shows you that New York City is the important to the whole world and revolves around it.
            Since I was born and raised in New york City especially lower east side , I've met and understood so many different type of people in the society. Lower east side has the majority of minority living in New York City. We have the Chinese in one part in lower east side by china town. We have the Latinos in the other side of the lower east side, the Indians in middle of the lower east side and others in every part of lower east side.
           Even if lower east side was segregated in different parts, everyone was equal to each other without any racial profile. If one needed help with the other, we would always work as a team and fight the problem together. Ive seen the Latinos come to the Indian neighborhood or the Chinese come to the Latino neighborhood to play sport or shop but no one said anything to go against their race or culture.
         The reason i choose this mural in lower east side is because it shows you how New York City is mixed with different race and cultures that still makes everyone equal with each other no matter what culture or race their from. Just the way i describe lower east side, this mural tells you that New York City welcomes everyone in all the boroughs.
       The city that never sleeps because it's a city that welcomes everyone home. We all appreciate anyone from anywhere to any color or any race you are. Also having this mural in the lower east side is showing everyone that lower east side is a sample of how New York City is.