Thursday, October 14, 2010

The importance of music in the Civil Rights movement : Post 2

Music is very important in the Civil rights movement because it made people express their feeling and spread their voice out to the people of America. Music made people unite with each other at every time especially in the Civil rights movement. 
 In the book  "The Art of Protest" T.V. Reed shows how they felt when the protest happened and when people were fighting for their rights, they expressed their feeling through music. Also they communicate with each other from white Americans to black Americans from music.


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  2. Emon - I'm glad to have your blog on board. However, you have to do a lot more work to really engage with these texts and present your own ideas. Have the song and readings in front of you, and make reference to them. Each post should be at least 300 words. Please redo these to get credit for them.